Somali government, Ras Kamboni leaders meet in Kismayo.


A top delegation from the Somali government met with Ras Kamboni militia leader Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam in Kismayo on Thursday (December 27th), UN-funded Radio Bar-Kulan reported.

Islam said disagreements between the Kismayo interim administration and the Somali government have been resolved. “We are in good terms with the federal government,” he said.

The delegation included Minister of Interior and National Security Abdikarim Hussein Guled, Defence Minister Abdihakim Haji Mohamud Fiqi and Minister of Information and Telecommunications Abdullahi Ilmoge.

Abdinasir Serar, spokesman for the Ras Kamboni militia, said the two sides agreed to form a new administration for the Jubba regions based on the country’s constitution and integrating the Ras Kamboni militia into the Somali military.

“We discussed security matters and how the people of the Jubba regions can be helped,” Serar said.


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