Open to Letter to IGAD Delegates

For many years we (Somalis) and the rest of the world were made to believe that the majority community in the three regions of the Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo were the Daroods.

The true situation on the ground however reveals totally a different picture, this is a study conducted for three years, so as to resolve the question of Who is a majority in the Jubbas?

Role of Dictator Barre Government

The former dictator annexed parts of regions, which the former Italian colony clearly demarcated for different communities. The objective was to create regions for his clan and push and pressure other clans, thus the regions used to be known as Passa Jubba (Now Jubadda Hoose, Jubadda Dhexe, Gedo) and Alt Jubba (Now Bay and Bakool) were created. This move was significant for the Darood clan because for the first time in south central Somalia they gained foothold in regions where they were otherwise a minority. Many came to the regions as IDPs as they were seriously affected by famine in their regions. They were welcomed by the local communities. It is amazing for the same people to claim ownership of the region. The Barre regime in order to make their dream a reality created political districts and annexed other districts.

Political districts created include Garbahaare & Buale annexed districts included Ganaane (renamed Luugh) & Bardheere.

Current Districts and Communities

> Kismaayo – Giirgir (Minority) (Digil & Mirifle (Huberm Geelidlem Leysaan, GalJecel, Ormaale)

> Afmadow – Ogaden (Majority )

> Badhadhe – Ogaden (Majority)

> Buale – Dabare (Majority) (D & M)

> Sakow – (D & M) (Majority) Geelidle

> Bardheere – Geelidle (Majority) (D & M)

> Elwak – Gareh (Majority) (D & M)

> Jilib – Somali Bantu (Majority)

> Jamame – Somali Bantu (Majority)

> Garbahare – Sade (Majority)

> Dolow – Sade (Majority)

> B/hawa – Sade (Majority)

> Luugh – Gasar Gude / Gaba weyn (D & M)

I am sure this data will come as a surprise to many people, but this is the fact on the ground for many years the minority regime in power refused to carry out true community census in the country, purely to propagate and hold for fact what was actually a façade, which was total abuse of power. The creations of other regions in the north (Sool, Sanaag) was still yet another attempt to sell the false theory of being the majority. The regime believed by creating small regions targeting his clan, will psychologically kill the other clans and thus become the undisputed majority, that theme worked for some time, but now it is hard for old folks to believe that, the whole issue was a dream if you have not received a wakeup call yet, I’m sure this study will do exactly that.

The political districts and regions created were extremely under-populated e.g (The populations of the three districts of B/Hawa, Garbahare, Dolow) is less than that of the villages of Mugambo, Kamsuma and Mofi. The Darood districts in the Jubba area have a density of 2 persons or less per Sq Km, compared to a density of 400 persons per Sq Km of the Somali Bantu inhabited riverine areas of Mashaga, Mofi, Manamofa, Shangala Mafuula, Osman Moto, Koban, Yoontaay, Wir kooy etc.

It is in the light of the above findings that a real head count is needed in the Jubba region to find out which clan is really the majority.

The Al-Shabab Factor

For over 4 years the area was a strong hold of Al-Shabab. All the communities that were made slaves, their land taken over, their women raped by well armed militias (Thanks to the Barre regime) joined Al-Shabab. This was the time to put the records straight. During their rule of Kismayu, the local district commissionaire was from the Digil – Mirifle clan (One of the Gir Giir) clans of Kismayu. This community occupy large areas both riverine and the Pastoral area from Kismayu Airport to Qooqaani. In Jilib the district commissioner was for the first time a Somali Bantu because out of the 83 villages in Jilib they occupy 72 villages.

The study shows the true clan picture of the Jubba regions in Somalia. If records have to be put straight, this is the way forwarded

1- Somali Bantus – 35%

2- Digil & Mirifle – 30%

3- Darood – 16%

4- Ormaale – 5%

5- Gaal Jecel – 5%

6- Diir – 8%

7- Others – 1%


What counts is not how many Km of land you have, but how many people live in that land. The old myth is no more and the truth shall be unveiled sooner rather than later.


If the old records are not put straight, all the majority clans in the area will support Al-Shabab and there will be no stability in the regions, many young men joined Al-Shabab to put decades of wrongs committed against their communities.

It is the high time; you as the delegation are not masked from the reality by loud mouthed fellows who are still in the shadow of the past.

The question is: Do you want to please 16% of the population or 84% of the population? If you make that mistake the Al-Shabab head will resurface right in the midst of Kismayu. Hit and run war with Kenyan troops will be long and tiring, finally they will leave, and the majority will reclaim their position. As long as the wrongs of the past are not corrected and justice given where it is due. I am afraid the conflict in the Jubba regions is just beginning.


Prepared by: Adam Nunow Ali

Tel: +252 615 955475

+252 699 270077 E-mail: Adam.nunow@hotmail.com




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