Congratulations brother Jamal Mohamed Barrow: Press Release‏

Press Release:
Somali Institute for Peace Research (SIPR) would like to congratulate our dearest bro
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ther and managing director of SIPR in East Africa, Mr. Jamal Mohamed Barrow, on his new cabinet position of D

eputy Foreign Minister of the Federal Government Of Somalia. Mr. Barrow has an Executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Moi University, Nairobi, Strategic Management and BA in Journalism, College of Education & Journalism, Somali National University. It is hard to summarize here Mr. Barrow’s extensive accomplishment and his experience in strategic management with organizations as such the UNDP, UNESCO, OXFAM, World Bank and WHO in the past 22 years, but we at SIPR, would like to commend and extend our deepest respect and admiration for his relentless pursuit and providing crucial guidelines of ending the Famine in South Somalia, as well as for his exceptional leadership to the democratic principles of good governance, equal rights, and the rule of law in the TFG time frame.

SIPR believes that “Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts.” Mr. Barrow showed courage time and time again, and we are confident that success will come in Mr. Barrow’s way today that will eventually lead to a bigger achievement in the years to come.

Again, Mr. Barrow deserves to be congratulated for the hard work, inspiration, honesty, and utmost dedication to promote Unity and Peace in Somalia.


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